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GLMX1000c 1000W LED Grow Light

GLMX1000C Series LEDs are the ideal grow lights for commercial cultivation facilities using either vertical or horizontal cultivation.

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Up to 40% than HPS


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Customers Reviews

Boom Boom Boom with this LED. Finishing up beautifully with some fall colors. All I can see is perfection, high terpene and sweet aroma from this room.
Peter Johan
I've now tested three lights from three different manufactures and without a doubt, this light is playing a different sport (not even game) than most other LED's out there. I should also mention that their customer service has always been fast and supportive. No issues with the light at all.
Payne Greta
I could not be happier with my GLMX720. It is not the cheapest nor the most expensive on the market. However the results speak for themselves. As soon as I had the light installed and turned on I could have sworn one of my plants leaned over and gave me a high 5:)
Cliff Richard